Design Process

H4 Streetwear Design Process: Inspiration, Drawing and Model Production

H4 is a fashion brand famous for its streetwear style dominated by black and white. Now we will give you some detailed information about the H4 streetwear design process.

Where was it inspired?

H4 designs are inspired by the energy and mobility of city life and the freedom of street culture. These inspirations inspire H4 designers to create unique and original designs.

Photos from the drawing stage

H4 designers start working with pen and paper in hand. At this stage, designers use their creativity to bring together different design elements. At this stage, designers develop their designs by making many different drawings.

Colors and what they represent

H4 designers increase the power of their designs by using different shades of black and white. The color black represents emotions such as strength, toughness, freedom and originality, while the color white represents emotions such as simplicity, purity, peace and freedom.

Model production (explaining the sample phase)

H4 designs are produced at the sample stage. At this stage, designers transform their drawings to make them wearable in real life. At this stage, designers select suitable materials, cut and prepare the product for sewing.

What is done in this process?

During the model production phase, H4 designers examine every aspect of their designs in detail. They evaluate the suitability, functionality, comfort and aesthetics of designs. At this stage, they also check the quality of the products, their materials and sewing processes.

As a result, the H4 streetwear design process is full of creativity, originality and originality.

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High quality

H4 company uses innovative technologies and production methods to produce quality clothing.

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