Inspired! By
Mayan Gods!

The Maya civilization has become an important center of art and culture with the use of various colors and symbols throughout its history. Therefore, the use and symbolism of maya cinnamon has become a popular theme in the fashion world today as well.

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Trim & Accessories sour

We supply different types of fabric, trim, accessories, private label and swing tag.


Mass production takes place on our production line where all products are handmade and quality controlled. Quality checks are also performed during the finishing stages before your products are packaged for delivery.


Once your order has been completed and passed a final quality check, it is approved for delivery through our reliable global courier network.


We have an in-house design team that works closely with our clients to develop and deliver new designs. We can draw your ideas and offer technical drawing services and specification sheets.

Pattern Development

We use state-of-the-art CAD Systems for pattern making and size grading. We create the patterns according to the provided specifications or work on an existing fit sample.


We are a professional team offering sampling service for your company. We produce quality samples using carefully selected materials to make your customers' wishes and designs come true.

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    Worldwide Shipping

    Fast shipping to many countries to which it exports, especially to the Middle East, Russia, Europe and America.

    Fast Delivery

    It guarantees fast shipping to its customers by completing the customs clearance of the orders we receive quickly.

    High quality

    H4 company uses innovative technologies and production methods to produce quality clothing.

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